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Tolerance Festival Threatened in Poland

in POLAND, 14/02/2005

Help Make Sure that this Year's Festival takes place!

The festival “Culture for Tolerance” is organized by the Krakow branch of Campaign Against Homophobia. Its goal is to introduce the theme of homosexuality into the public discourse, to draw attention to the discrimination and exclusion against which homo-, bi- and transsexual people struggle on a daily basis. The organizers have set a goal for themselves: to establish a neutral space in which people – irrespective of their sexual orientation – might feel free, and one that will enable them to engage in dialogue on equal footing.

The first festival took place on May 6-9, 2004. It prompted not only protests and aggressive attacks from radical right groups (i.e. physical attacks on peaceful participants), but also a positive interest in the festival, exceeding the organizers’ most humble expectations (as well as their capacity for dealing with what took place during the festival). This event confirmed our belief that “Culture for Tolerance” festival is worth repeating.

But in order for that to happen, we urgently need your help. At the moment, the festival is at risk of being cancelled, because of financial problems our organization is experiencing. We are asking you for solidarity and any help you can provide. If you want to support the festival by donating money, we would be extremely grateful. You can send donations to a special account set up specifically for the festival.

The account is at:

Bank Inicjatyw Spoleczno-Ekonomicznych S.A.
(or shortly: Bank BISE S.A.)
III Oddzial w Warszawie
ul. Dubois 5a
00-184 Warszawa

IBAN: PL42137010370000170640748002
Swift Code: BISPPLPW

Please add “Culture for Tolerance” or “Cracow”
You can also make your donation via internet at http://tolerancja.gej.net/help.html

Kind thanks,

Ida Lukawska,
Tomasz Szypula,
Anna Gruszczynska
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