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Faux pas of Berlin's cardinal Sterzinsky

in GERMANY, 26/11/2004

LSVD: Sterzinsky has to apologize

In the middle of November, Berlin's cardinal Georg Sterzinsky took part in a catholic service held in Szczecin, Poland, in commemoration of eleven catholic priest executed 60 years ago for criticizing the Nazis.

Sterzinsky called for resistance to any kind of legal upgrading for homosexual partnerships.. According to news agency reports Sterzinsky said in his sermon among other things that today as well protest against laws and law projects could be necessary because "they are contradictory to the law of God". As an example he mentioned the partnership laws for homosexual couples aiming at their legal equalization with married couples.

The Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany (LSVD) wrote an open letter to Sterzinsky and asked him to apologize for his unbearable remarks.

It shows a very bad taste to misuse a commemoration service for victims of the Nazi regime to call for resistance against equal rights projects for gay and lesbian couples, the less so since thousands of homosexuals very persecuted and murdered by the Nazis.

Sterzinsky went too far, LSVD wrote, when he compared the resistance against the murderous Nazi dictatorship with the opposition against laws and law projects in modern and democratic societies. That's the reason why homosexuals feel deeply offended by Sterzinsky comments and that's why he has to apologize.

Klaus Jetz
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