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Bulgarian Gay Group Cries Afoul Remarks Made by MP

in BULGARIA, 12/11/2004

Bulgarian MP Ivan Kozovski Calls Homosexuality a Perversion, and spreads his view as a University Professor

Bulgarian Gay Organisation "Gemini" and other Bulgarian Human Rights NGO's are appealing to Member of the Parliament Ivan Kozovski to apologise publicly for his statement published the 18 October 2004 in the Varna daily newspaper "Chernomorie" and republished in other national daily newspapers.

On 21st June, 2002, during the debate on the decriminalisation of open homosexual acts, the MP Ivan Kozovski (National Movement "Simeon II"), holding the Bible in his hand before the Parliament, called homosexual acts "a perversion".

Today, two years later, despite the fact that the Regular Report on Bulgaria's progress towards accession in 2004 shows that "Bulgaria continues to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms", the peoples representative Ivan Kozovski continues to reconfirm our concerns that his personal beliefs and morals continue to influence public opinion by the idea that homosexuality is a perversion. Additionally, Mr. Kozovski
teaches in Bulgarian universities and propagates his personal beliefs among students.

In the context of his expressed views on homosexuality, BGO GEMINI is deeply concerned that Ivan Kozovski as Member of the Parliament is not able to act in the best interest of all Bulgarian citizens.

Therefore, the Bulgarian Gay Organization "Gemini" appeals to national and international organizations to support our initiative to ask Mr. Kozovski to resign from his position of people's representative member of the Parliament.


Member of Parliament Ivan Kozovski threaten homosexual people
Author Bozhidar Bozhkov

The independent member of the Parliament Ivan Kozovski urged to take measures against homosexual people and promised personal inquisition. "If I catch any faggot and have this power, I will tar him before the General Assembly building, will mount him on a donkey, facing the donkey's but and will cart him in the city as an example for the others", declared the people's representative in an interview for the Varna daily newspaper
"Chernomorie" ("Black sea").

The gynaecologist Kozovski, who was claimed to be Medic of the year 2000, explains further in the interview that
homosexuality is not an illness, but a perversion - as he said was written in all prestigious medical books. "That is what I explain to my students.” This is a perversion, which, if continues with the current trends, will lead to the destruction of mankind", declares the member of the Parliament. At the same time, Kozovski justifies homosexuality in women - that is normal.

Kozovski counted approximately ten percent of his colleagues in
the Parliament, who had homosexual inclinations, but he never named them." They do not want to make a party or coalition, but hide and fear to come out, because in this perspective the Bulgarian nation has normal behaviour and is morally preserved", he says. Further in the interview Kozovski says that he is outraged by amendments in Bulgarian law that give rights to the homosexuals. Those changes are fact "thanks to people like deputy-minister Grancharova", he says, alluding to the substitute of Solomon Pasi in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gergana Grancharova.

It is not clear what laws Kozovski is talking about. Professor Kozovski was consequently member of Parliament of NDSV and NIE, he was sacked from the latter position. Now he is an independent. At the end of 2003 he scandalized the yellow parliamentary group (NDSV), accusing ministries and members of the Parliament of corruption, including Vice Prime Minister Nikolay Vasilev.

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