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Signing the contract with Cordaid
New project: Social Integration of LGBT in Moldova

in MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF, 12/11/2004

Dutch Development Foundation Cordaid Supports Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights in Moldova

The Dutch development foundation Cordaid, which values are based on social catholic doctrine, will support Information Center "GenderDoc-M" over the next three years in implementation of the project "Social Integration of LGBT in Moldova".

The project presentation took place in Chisinau with participation of program coordinator from Cordaid Mr. Piet van Gils, Honorary Consul of the Netherlands Mr. Robert de Groof as well as representatives of Moldovan civil society, international organizations (UN, OSCE), journalists. Mr. van Gils said that it is the first time that Cordaid offers its support for lesbian and gay emancipation, and he looks forward to a fruitful cooperation.

The project aims at promoting integration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities by means of publication and distribution of informational materials, creation of professional networks for
tolerance, work in the regions of Moldova outside Chisinau and HIV/AIDS prevention. For these purposes professional and institutional development of GenderDoc-M is important. Experts from Moldova and abroad will be involved. The project consists of four programs: information campaign, regional development, HIV/AIDS prevention and institutional development.

Today sexual minorities are one of the most excluded groups of Moldovan society, suffering from discrimination and violence from the public authorities, police and often relatives.

For additional information please contact GenderDoc-M at genderdoc_m@mdl.net

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