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Feminist Dialogue

in BRAZIL, 09/11/2004

A group of 7 organizations and networks will convene a second international Feminist Dialogue in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from 23-24 January

The Dialogue will convene prior to the World Social Forum as an autonomous event. As such, it is not primarily about strategies or orientation regarding the WSF (which we hope could emerge as a public gathering, convened by a broad array of women's organizations on January 25. Let us know if you are interested in helping to work on such a gathering.)

The purpose of the Feminist Dialogue is to provide a strategic space for feminists to come together in their broad diversity to explore the current moment, our differences and common ground, and our role in larger social movements. We seek to emphasize the multiplicity of strategies that women's movements have employed in their everyday political practice. While we do not seek consensus, or a unified statement, we see the FD as contributing to movement building within feminist networks, the women's movements and with other social movements. The focus of the Feminist Dialogue in 2005 is the intersections of militarization and war, fundamentalism/s and neo-liberal globalization from a feminist, and gender/race/class perspective.

The gathering of 300 will be through an application process as well as through regional and international networks, to help guarantee broad participation and geographic balance. Please consult our website
www.feministdialogue.isiswomen.org for details on how to apply, and for information about the criteria for participation. While space will not allow for the participation of all those who are interested, we plan to use electronic communications to involve larger numbers, and hope that larger fora within the WSF will provide additional spaces for this dialogue.

We want to invite you to apply if you are interested in participating, and to circulate this invitation broadly. Please submit applications by november 26, 2004. We will make every effort to contact applicants in the first week of December, so that people can proceed with fundraising, visas, etc. At this time scholarship funds are not available, and you should pursue your own funding sources, but do indicate need. We will respond if funds become available.

As of Monday, November 8, please go to: www.feministdialogue.isiswomen.org

The application and information is posted in English, and very shortly will be posted in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Articulacion Feminista Marcosur (Southern Cone, Latin America)
DAWN (International)
FEMNET (Africa)
INFORM (Sri Lanka)
ISIS International (Manila)
National Network of Autonomous Women's Groups (India)
Women's International Coalition for Economic Justice (International)
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