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Buju Banton
Stopping Hate Songs

in NETHERLANDS, 18/08/2004

Another Homophobic Jamaican Reggae Singer Tries to Find a venue in the Netherlands

Dutch gays and lesbians are protesting against rapper Buju Banton's appearance and his gay hate song "Boom Bye Bye", expected in the Netherlands and Belgium and his calling for the shooting, maiming with acid and burning of gays.

The London Outrage! group has forwarded this information and is asking for action and a police investigation.

Banton´s concert schedule is:
14/08/2004 Reggae Sundance Festival (Eindhoven)
26/08/2004 Feest in het park (Oudenaarde, Belgium)
27/08/2004 Uitmarkt (Amsterdam)

It is very important we stop this concert in order to show that 'murder music' does not pay and to prevent it becoming a popular genre in the Netherlands. If this happened it would undoubtedly provoke antigay attacks as has happened in the UK. Concerts have successfully been stopped in the UK, Belgium, and the US. Similar campaigns are happening in Germany and France.
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