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in CHILE, 11/08/2004

III Latin American and Caribbean Regional Conference

Homosexualities, globalization and social movements in Latin America, are the topics that will open the conference of the International Lesbian and Gays Association (ILGALAC) in September.

This third ILGALAC Conference will take place during the celebration of Pride Week and Chile’s National Independence, between September 14th and 17th.

The weeks begins with the Social Forum for Sexual Diversity, an activity that opens the participation of social and political Chilean organizations in the Chilean Social Forum that will take place this upcoming November.

The topics that are in the agenda will be centered on legal and regulative advances that have been made in previous years. This evaluation will focus on the context of the economic, political and cultural globalization that the region is experiencing, in order to start a debate about the role of GLBTTI organization in this context.

During the three days of session an Action Plans is expected to be developed for the next two years as well as the election of new Regional Chairs, who are currently held by Rosangela Castro and Carlos Sánchez, former Director of Movimiento Unificado de Minorías Sexuales Chile (Chile Unified Movement of Sexual Minorities) and current President of the Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras Luis Gauthier (Luis Gauthier National Workers Union).

Translation: Proyecto Agenda LGBT
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