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The sister of Jean-Pierre Humblot during the commemoration

in FRANCE, 06/08/2004

Homonyme Nancy and the French federation of les-bi-gay and trans centres commemorated on August 1st the first anniversary of the death of Jean-Pierre Humblot

To prevent homophobic violences, Homonyme Nancy and the “INTER CENTRES LGBT” demand an educational policy toward respect of differences.

August 1st, the “INTER CENTRES LGBT” and the association HOMONYME (Member of the “INTER CENTRES LGBT” in Nancy, Lorraine, East of France) commemorated the death of Jean-Pierre HUMBLOT in Nancy. One year ago, August 1st 2003, this 63 years gay man died after a homophobic aggression. Its death followed the one of François CHENU, September 13rd 2002. It preceded by a few months the aggression undergone by Sebastien NOUCHET, last January 16th.

In the presence of Jean-Pierre’s sister, the President of HOMONYME evoked the memory of a man who paid with his life his way of life. Kristof ARROYO said the recent bill aiming to fight against sexist or homophobic speeches gave a hope to change mentalities and to fight against fear of difference... but wasn’t enough.

The deputy Spokesman of the “INTER CENTRES LGBT” demanded socioeducational policy against homophobic discriminations and violences: school must learn respect of everyone whatever nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. Alexandre DEFOSSE asked the government a better support to the educational actions carried out by the “INTER CENTRES LGBT”, evoking the educational case made by the CGL of Metz (Lorraine, East of France), “Couleurs Gaies”, and the educational booklet made by “CIGaLes”, Member of the “INTER CENTRES LGBT” in Dijon (Burgundy, East of France) (“Living differences - How to speak about homophoby”; booklet “Young people welfare - File for education to sexuality”).

Mr Philippe BLONDELET (deputy Mayor of Nancy delegated to Integration and Human rights) deposited a sheaf of flowers in the name of the Mayor, Mr André ROSSINOT. Mr René MANGIN (Vice-President of the General Council of the department of Meurthe-&-Moselle) deposited a sheaf in the name of the President of the General Council, Mr Michel DINET. The participants respected a minute of silence to the memory of all the victims of homophoby, known and unknown, present and past.

See our press release of July 28th: “Homonyme Nancy and the “Inter Centres LGBT” ask to the French government to honour the memory of Jean-Pierre Humblot”.

Nancy (FRANCE, Lorraine), Sunday, August 1st 2004/
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