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Blue Diamond Society / Nepal

in NEPAL, 26/07/2004

Why Nepal Police is assaulting/torturing Sexual Minorities in Nepal regularly?

I am writing this mail to inform you about the brutal assault and rape against 4 Metis (cross dressing males) by Nepal Police in Kathmandu, Nepal, on the early morning of 25th July 2004.

Jaya Bahadur Lama (Hetauda City), 28, Ramesh Lama (Hetauda City), 20, Binod (Butwal city), 22 and Madan (Melamchi), 17 living in Kathmandu, all of them are surviving by selling sex. They were walking at 3.30 am
in the evening near Jamal, central Kathmandu. After a while a guy harassed the Metis after they refuse to go with him for sex. So the guy started abusing them verbally and Metis also started shouting at him. At that moment, night patrolling police van (blue
coloured vehicle, No: 2348) arrived. The police
started forcing the Metis to get into the police van after the police recognised them as Metis. There were 5 policemen under the influence of alcohol and 3 street guys already in the police van.

After that the police van took all of them at sloppy road in Sinamangal. All the Metis were beaten inside the van, their wigs were thrown away, the Metiís bra were also tarred and their money (2400 Rs) were taken. The police van stopped at the road and one of the police slapped Jaya Bahadur Lama and forced him to perform oral sex in the middle of the street. When Jaya Bahadur Lama refused saying there were people around then the police took him to the corner and forced Jaya Bahadur Lama to perform oral sex and then raped anally without condom. When Jaya Bahadur Lama requested the policeman to use condom, the policeman kicked him instead of using condom.

Then they were taken to the Gausala Police station near Pashupati Temple area. When the van stopped inside the police station compound, the three street guys were taken
inside but all the Metis were kept by policemen in side the van. Then Ramesh Lama was taken into the backyard of the building inside the police station compound and beaten and forced to perform oral sex.
Again the police refused to use condom despite Rameshís request. Then Jaya Bahadur and Ramesh Lama escaped from the police station but Binod and Madan
were kept inside the van. Binod and madan then bitten up and raped by rest of the policemen from the Gausala Police station (about 12 policemen) and released after
3 hours.

Then all the Metis approached Blue Diamond Society for complains. Blue Diamond Society tried to call Women Cell within the Nepal police for support and also called Police head quarter but so far we haven't been successful to file the complain.

Blue Diamond Society is very much concerned of such regular assault and rape (without condom) against Metis and other sexual minorities in Nepal and condemns the degrading action from the Police Personals who supposed to protect the citizens.

Blue Diamond Society calls for your support and solidarity to protect the human rights of Metis and other sexual minorities and an immediate and thorough investigation into the assaults and rape. Police Officers who are supposed to protect the citizens of the country must not be able to commit such acts with
impunity from the law they are here to uphold.

Sunil B Pant, 25th July 2004, Kathmandu, Nepal
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