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Germany: Protests in front of the Polish embassy

in GERMANY, 06/07/2004

Colleagues from Maneo, Berlin's Gay emergency hotline, in talks with the Polish ambassador.

Today, over 100 gays and lesbians have taken part in a demonstration, organised by Maneo, Berlin’s gay emergency hotline and victim support. A petition with around one thousand signatures was presented to the ambassadors’ secretary in front of the embassy.

The director of Maneo, Bastian Finke, had the opportunity to speak personally to the ambassador, Dr. Andrzej Byrt inside the embassy. There he could explain to the ambassador the purpose and the aim of the demonstration, and make clear that the protests wanted to show solidarity with Poland’s gays and lesbians. Finke emphasized:“ It is totally unbelievable and not acceptable that a demonstration in which citizens of a European Union member state demand equality available to them
by the laws of the EU, is affected so much by a radical right wing anti-demonstration, that it cannot take place.”

With interest the ambassador took note that Maneo would develop and support different initiatives to pave the way for an exchange with the official Polish authorities and the human rights organisation Kampagna.

The protest was directed against the ban on the “Equality parade”, planned for the 11 th June, because of the comments of the mayor of Warsaw, Lech Kaczynski, in which he labeled the gay-lesbian parade as “sexually obscene,” “a danger for the public moral” and as one that would degrade religious sentiments.

Berlin, 25.06.2004
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