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Homosexuality no obstacle in obtaining position

in SPAIN, 23/06/2004

The President of the Gay and Lesbian Association GEHITU, named OMBUDSMAN of the Basque Country

Inigo Lamarca, lawyer and President of GEHITU, the Spanish Basque country Gay and Lesbian Association, has been elected OMBUDSMAN/mediator by the Basque Parliament this morning. He received the support of every political group in the parliament, except the nationalist radical -SA-. (65 votes for , and 5 against)

Lamarca, 45 years old, thanked the groups for putting their trust in him and promised to do his work with the maximum amount of independence and impartiality. Upon the announcement Lamarca stressed that he comes to the post with no politcal agenda as the Ombudsman/mediator institution is a service for the citizens, not for political parties.

As President of the Gay and Lesbian Association GEHITU, he said that it is good news that "homosexuality was not an obstacle for obtaining the position." His involvement in favour of LGBT rights actually allowed him to be perceived as an ideal candidate for the job.

Due to his appointement Lamarca resigned as president of GEHITU but promised all the members of the association that he would keep on being an activist for LGBT rights, wherever he is.

From David Montero, coordinador of GEHITU (ILGA member)
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