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Breast and Cervical Cancer

in SRI LANKA, 01/04/2008

Equal Ground launches the Brochure ‘Breast and Cervical Cancer’

We would like to share with you our enthusiasm about Equal Ground (Sri Lanka) magnificent brochure “Breast and Cervical Cancer” which has some valuable information you might appreciate too.

Early 2007, ILGA had launched the “Breast and Uterus Cancer” prevention leaflet in English and Spanish, which was originally coordinated in French and in Dutch by ILGA with the Belgian Foundation against Cancer and local Belgian organizations. ILGA encouraged local organizations to use the text, the pictures and the layout.

The Sri Lankan brochure, inspired by ILGA’s leaflet, develops a whole section on breast self-examination encouraging women to get to know their breasts and keeping a journal to watch out for any “abnormal” lumps. There is a five-step self-exam session detailed with explicit drawings that can also help to detect any irregularity.

It reminds you of a few tips to lower your risk of those cancers such as physical activity and understanding personal and family risks.

Very interesting is the section entitled ‘Talking Openly and Honestly with your doctor and health care professional’ which states important questions to ask yourself such as ‘Is it important to disclose your sexual orientation to your doctor?’
The last chapter is about Access to support: where to access free breast exams and pap-smears, mammograms, support for sexual orientation and gender identity in Sri Lanka.

We hope that reading this brochure will fuel new ideas and inspire you to adapt them to your local background.

You can consult the brochure in pdf version from Equal Ground Website in English, Tamil and Sinhala.

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