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IGLYO and Israel Gay Youth (IGY) withdraw the General Assembly (GA) from Israel

IGLYO and Israel Gay Youth (IGY) would like to announce the withdrawal of the General Assembly (GA) from Israel. Over the past months IGLYO and IGY have worked closely to plan and shape the 2011 GA. The Board of IGLYO would like to extend their sincere thanks to all Member Organisations \nwho contributed to the debate and discussions over the last few weeks and for living up to the democratic principles enshrined in IGLYO's statutes.\n

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30th July 2011 09:49

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

Given the complex nature of this debate, the boards of both organisations have had much to consider and have worked in partnership to look at all aspects of this event. Over the past weeks the objective of the Board of IGLYO has been to carry out the wishes ofMember Organisations following the recent vote that affirmed the IGLYO’s Boards decisionto host the GA in Israel.

However, recent legal changes in Israel raised some concerns of the Board of IGLYO. In robust discussions between IGLYO and IGY following the passage of the new law and following the decision of the Board of IGLYO to open a new round of consultation with member organisations.

IGY subsequently decided on July 24th to withdraw its proposal to host the 2011 General Assembly as the location of the GA was subject to further consultation and possible change and that the evolving situation on the ground, over the next number of months, may prompt a need for further consultation created an unstable environment in which to plan the General Assembly.

IGY has confirmed they still intend to host the International LGBTQ Youth Leadership Summit that was aimed to complement the GA in December. The Board of IGLYO, having provided feedback on the content of this Summit, acknowledge the opportunity that such a meeting would present to Member Organisations and therefore, support IGY in this event. IGLYO and IGY have a deep founded mutual respect for each other as professional organisations and have always enjoyed a positive relationship, in the past, currently and we hope to continue this relationship in the future.

The Board of IGLYO is working on alternative arrangements for the 2011 GA. As soon as a decision is made, IGLYO’s Member Organisations will be notified directly.

A copy of this statement is available online here: