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Hong Kong starts to embrace transgender issues

As Hong Kong begins to grow more tolerant of transgender issues, one man who started life as a woman tells Kylie Knott his story. "I didn't feel trapped in the wrong body, but mismatched - my inner self was somehow mismatched with my outer body," says Kaspar Wan as he happily poses for photos in a park near his home. The sun's out and Wan, who usually goes by his nickname Siu-keung, talks candidly about his life - one that started as a girl.

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7th July 2013 15:01

Alessia Valenza

For years Wan struggled with gender dysphoria, a condition in which someone is uncomfortable with his or her biological gender. He strongly identified with the male psyche, and wanted to be a man.

Growing up, he says, "to make myself comfortable with the ‘girl’ identity, I would position myself as a ‘boyish girl’. But as I got older, the uncomfortable feelings grew stronger. I knew I didn’t want to become a woman".

Eventually, in December last year, Wan underwent a subcutaneous mastectomy – a complete upper-body surgery in which most of the breast tissue is removed. "After the surgery I only had a couple of small scars. The surgery is fairly simple."

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