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Homosexuals Allege Sexual Abuse by Police in Mandalay

Allegations of sexual abuse by police officers have surfaced following a weekend crackdown by law enforcers in an area of Mandalay frequented by homosexuals and transvestites.

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13th July 2013 13:09

Alessia Valenza

Twelve people were detained, three of whom were charged with disturbing the public, in the police action on Saturday night. The detainees have since complained that they were abused by officers at the police station, where they were held for several hours without any explanation for why they were being detained.

“We were pushed roughly and handcuffed tightly,” said Myat Noe, one of those detained. “When we arrived at the divisional police office, the police forcibly pulled off our clothes, kicked us and beat us. Our breasts were squeezed, scratched and beaten with police batons. And they forced us to do frog jumps, without clothes, and shout that we are not women but men. I’ve never experienced terror like this.”

Myat Noe, who is a member of a famous gay dance troupe widely known as Moe Gyo Hngat Ngae, had traveled from Rangoon to Kyauk Hse, a city near Mandalay, to perform in a show.

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