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Workshop on "Homophobia at School" in the Beijing +15 Review at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York.

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4th January 2011 11:39



Panel “Homophobia within the Education System”

Homophobia is an important obstacle to the healthy and harmonic development of students undergoing education. Stereotypes and stigma are present in many school environment, not only among the students, but also within the school authorities. Many students suffer from homophobia at school, affecting both their welfare and their school performance. Some students choose to abandon the studies rather than continue suffering the constant humiliation that homophobia causes.
An increasing number of social organizations are undertaking activities to stop homophobia in education systems and today we can say that we are prepared to prompt public policies to protect the rights of LGBT people in the education system and guarantee their full development.
This panel will offer evidence of the situations confronting students and actions that have been developed to stop homophobia in schools in the different regions.

Goal of the workshop: Awareness raising; sharing best practices.

Intended outcome: Acquire and build knowledge on how to stop homophobia at schools that prevents girls from learning and be educated and even from going to school.


Helen Kennedy. EGALE. Canada
Iris Hernández. ILGA-LAC. APROFA LTGBI e ISIG Lésbica, Chile (read her presentation below)
Patricia Nantayi, Uganda
Valentine Kalende, CAL/FARUG, Uganda

Moderator: Rebeca Sevilla, Education International

Form of workshop: Three speakers present, two speakers sent their presentation as they could not join, and opportunity for people in the audience to share their knowledge.

Organized by: the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA)

Contact persons:
Patricia Curzi

Time: 10-11.30 on Friday 5 March 2010

Space: 2nd Floor room on the CCUN Building

Seating space for between 50 and 150 people



Read the overview of the workshop by clicking on the below link!