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HIV in Men Who Have Sex with Men

Lancet Special Series: "HIV in Men Who Have Sex with Men"

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25th July 2012 12:16

Alessia Valenza

Executive summary:

Despite great progress in tackling the HIV epidemic worldwide in the past two decades, there is one population in which the epidemic continues to grow in countries of all incomes: men who have sex with men (MSM). This Lancet series explores the unique aspects of the HIV epidemic in MSM, showing that it is factors such as the biology of anal sex, the characteristics of MSM networks, and known behavioural factors that are driving the epidemic in this population. The Series addresses the unique challenges faced by black MSM around the world, and discusses initiatives that reduce infectiousness of HIV — such as treatment-as-prevention and pre-exposure prophylaxis—that could have a huge impact in curbing the HIV epidemic in MSM and other populations.

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