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Government jobs for three transgenders in Pakistan

When Rifee Khan approached a premier spoken English training institute in Karachi, it refused to enrol her as she was a transgender. The institute instead suggested that she take private lessons as the families of other students would object to her presence. Ms Khan, who works for the Gender Interactive Alliance, was in tears as she narrated the incident at a workshop on Monday, organised by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). “I am educated. I have a double M.A., yet this is how I was treated,” she said.

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8th February 2014 10:36

Alessia Valenza

Ms Khan is among the three members of the transgender community – the other two being Mazhar Anjum and Muskan – who, in an unprecedented step, were offered jobs by the Sindh government a few days ago.

The government is also organising a vocational training workshop for the transgender community on February 20.

The Gender Interactive Alliance has demanded that a member of the community be nominated to provincial assemblies.

Despite a landmark Supreme Court judgment that recognised the transgenders’ right to equality and inheritance, and their right to be registered as the third gender or “khwaja seras” in the National Database and Registration Authority, the community faces discrimination.

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