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Ghana : A group tries to justify criminalizing homosexuality

A Ghanaian anti-gay organization, the International Movement Against Same Sex (IMASS), has released a statement attempting to justify the criminalization of homosexuality.

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23rd August 2011 13:47

Alessia Valenza

Their statement comes days after the newly appointed boss of Ghana’s Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Lauretta Lamptey said she would not fight for the rights of homosexuals as the law deems their activities to be criminal.


In their statement, signed by the organization’s Executive Secretary- Prince Osei Tutu, (pictured) the organization referred to certain articles of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights and made the following claims:

“Article 6 states every individual shall have the right to liberty and to the security of his person. No one maybe deprived of his freedoms except for reasons and conditions previously laid down by law. The reason for our opposition to homosexuality is that it has previously been laid as illegal by both divine and man-made laws.”

“Article 11 – every individual shall have the right to assemble freely with others. The exercise of this right shall be subject only to necessary restrictions provided for by law in particular those enacted in the interest of national security, the safety, health, ethics, rights and freedoms of others. (if article 11 is anything to go by then a greater majority of us are saying is not in our interest and against our national security, safety, health, rights, ethics and freedoms).

Article 17- promotion and protection of morals and traditional values recognized by the community shall be the duty of the state.

Article 18 (1) the family shall be the natural unit and basis of society. It shall be protected by the states, which shall take care of its physical health and moral. (2) The states shall have the duty to assist the family, which is the custodian of morals and traditions values recognized by the community. (homosexual legal rights advocates know clearly that homosexuals cannot procreate, so how will they raise families that is, should and must be the natural unit and basis of society?).
Article 24 – All peoples shall have the right to a general satisfaction environment favourable to their development.

Article 27 (1) every individual shall have duties towards his family and society, the state and other legally recognized communities and international community (2) the rights and freedoms of each individual shall be exercised with due regard to the rights of others collective security, morality and common interest. In the opinion and legal recognition of the African charter on human and peoples right the interest of morality, traditions, culture, norms, health, security, safety and the interest of the family is supreme. The exercise of an individual’s right comes second to that of the general community or society (people right).

In reaction to Amnesty International’s advocacy for the protection of Gay rights, Prince Osei Tutu said, “With all these articles provided, I can then confidently state that the so-called Amnesty International is only a mischievous organization pushing down our throats an act that is alien.

“The group has exposed its mischievous intentions to destroy the African culture, traditions and values, as well as the family unit by refusing to recognize the many legal provisions that uphold them.”

“I pray these organizations to use their vast resources to champion Godly and positive courses for the African society that is saddled and bedevilled with too many problems and not to homosexually colonize our people who are already in distress.

“It is also important to recapitulate that in the effort of any individual or group of persons to pursue the homosexual agenda, they should not close the doors to the other very crucial aspects of the arguments such as health, spiritual, psychological, economic etc.”