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Genderqueer and proud

The MOI declared illegal the marriage of a ‘third-gendered’ couple, after deciding that both are of the same sex. Now, Jiyi Wu and Abbygail Wu are fighting to have it reinstated.\n

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22nd July 2013 10:11

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

Jiyi Wu (???) is adamant that she is not a man. Or, for that matter, a woman.

“People wonder. I bought chewing gum once from a grandmother on the street and she asked me if I am a man or a woman,” said Wu, 29, who was dressed in a long blouse and had let her hair down. “The answer is I want my body to be more feminine — that is why I had my surgery,” she said. “But my gender is fluid. I don’t think of it as female or male.”

Wu, who freely embraces other labels like housewife and professional cat lover, was born male, but began hormone treatment in 2007 and completed male-to-female sex reassignment surgery last July.

A few months after the surgery, Wu — who was still legally listed as a man — applied to marry longtime partner Abbygail Wu (???), a transgender person who had already transferred her legal status from man to woman. The Household Registration Office (?????) approved the certificate for a union that was — on paper — between a man and a woman.

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