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Gay, transgender Korean students discriminated against at school

A study has found that half of sexual-minority students feel that they are discriminated against at school because of their sexual identities. The survey of 221 sexual-minority teenagers under the age of 20, conducted online from July 31st to August 12th, found that 120, or 54.3%, answered “serious” or “very serious” to the question “what is the level of discrimination you experience at school due to your sexual preference (homosexual, etc.) or sexual identity (transgender, etc)?” Just eight students, or 3.6%, said “none”.\n

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21st December 2012 06:21

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

Regarding the types of harassment the sexual-minority teenagers experience at school, 136, or 61.5%, said “degrading language and bias from students for being a sexual minority”, while another 88, or 39.8%, said “degrading language and bias from teachers for being a sexual minority”. Sixty-five, or 29.4%, of the students said they had been “outed” at school against their wishes. Twelve, or 5.4%, of the students reported being harassed or groped against their will.

Sexual-minority teenagers also feel it is difficult for them to receive help from school counselors. Just 83, or 37.6%, of the students answered “yes” to the question “is there a school counselor you can go to for advice when you have problems at school related to your sexual identity?” 133, or 62%, of the students said “no”. An overwhelming 184, or 83.3%, of them said “no” to the question “is there a doctor you can go to if there is not a teacher?” Just 28, or 12.7%, said there was.

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