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Gay rights in the Manila slums

ProGay Philippines say extreme poverty is no reason not to fight for gay rights, as they start a new chapter of in a Manila slum.

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7th December 2012 05:02

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

The poorest of the poor are usually over-looked by gay rights groups the world over, but ProGay Philippines has a dedicated full-time volunteer whose focus is on raising awareness among the urban poor. His dedication is such that he even lives in the slum.

Last week Gay Star News witnessed the formation of a new ProGay Philippines chapter in a slum in Barangay Tatalon, Quezon City, Metro Manila. The living conditions there are cramped and unhygienic, without running water or bathrooms. Many people there have no structures to live in at all and sleep in rows underneath the concrete overhang of an abandoned building.

The 50,000 people who live there lack basic amenities, and small children run through muddy puddles bare-foot and half-naked, but they do have a public karaoke machine. The microphone from this was used to present the work of ProGay Philippines to over 30 people who gathered at the meeting last Tuesday. A sheet was hung up to show a PowerPoint presentation and plastic chairs were put out in rows in the street.

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