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For a better health for lesbians and bisexuals” ILGA LAC

Launch of the Health Campaign: Lesbian and Bisexual 28th of June! Answer the survey regarding health and be part of the change!

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30th September 2010 17:24

Alessia Valenza

The 28th of June is the international day of remembrance of the first resistance action conducted by lesbians, gays, trans and bisexuals in Stonewall. On this occasion, lesbian and bisexual activists of ILGA LAC commemorate this date with an action to enliven the memory of all those who have been subjected to violence due to their sexual orientation, gender identity and / or sexual preference.

We, lesbians and bisexuals, are in action! We, lesbians and bisexuals, work in order to change aspects of our lives, which are harming the quality of these, in all of Latin America and the Caribbean!

And lesbofeminism is vocalized in order to break with the common sense of exclusion!

The health of lesbians and bisexual women is a constant concern of lesbian activism since we know that the efforts will never be enough unless we get the different health systems to provide comprehensive care that will match our needs and practices.

It is because of this fact that is so quotidian and violent towards our bodies and subjectivities that, this 28th of June, a Health Campaign will take place again, which will contribute to the improvement of the quality of care. In this regard, the Lesbian Regional Secretariat and the Lesbian and Bisexual Regional Sub-secretariats of the Southern Cone, Andean Region, Central America, Brazil, Mexico and the Caribbean, the International Association of Lesbian, Trans, Gay, Bisexual, Intersex, ILGA LAC, will launch this 28th of June, the International Day of Pride and Dignity LTGBI, the Campaign: "Better
health for lesbians and bisexuals."Listen

This Campaign considers that:

– The first stage will be the application of an instrument (questionnaire) to collect information regarding the status of lesbian and bisexual health in Latin America and the Caribbean. This instrument considers the legislative scenarios regarding lesbian and bisexual health, with the care received at health centers. The processing of the data is also considered at this stage. Click here to access the survey.

-The second stage will be the launch of a Report, which will be based on the results of the
implementation of the instrument, as well as its interpretation. Such release will attempt to become a platform to feed the policy advocacy and public positioning of the topics of lesbian and bisexual health in the different countries.

– The third phase will focus on developing proposals for improving the quality of health care for lesbian and bisexual women. It will also be disseminated amongst lesbian and bisexual activists, and local and regional bodies, which are key to this improvement in quality, in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Needless to say, this campaign is self-operated, which means that its completion does not have any kind of funding. It is the mobilizing action of lesbian and bisexual feminist activists (and others who do not self-identify as such), which allows such completion, through the convergence of our desires, our transforming potential, and our long-standing experience.

This health campaign is without a doubt the best tribute to those who, on June 28th 1969, and who, from much earlier and until now, have responded to the oppression and exclusion with brave defiance.

This 28th of June is another way to continue traveling along the roads that will trigger the fall of the heterosexual regime! To access the survey click here. Send the results attached to an email to

Lesbian Regional Secretariat ILGA-LAC
Lesbian and Bisexual Regional Secretariats ILGA-LAC

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