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EROTICS: Global Monitoring Survey

This survey will be used as a global monitoring tool to document and capture the value of the internet in sexual rights advocacy as well as the obstacles, threats and challenges faced by activists working on sexuality and sexual rights when using the internet for their work.

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22nd March 2013 13:00

Alessia Valenza

What is the role of the internet in your work to advance sexual  rights? What are some of the obstacles, threats or challenges that you have faced online?

The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) invites you to participate in a global monitoring survey on internet regulation and sexual rights.

This survey aims to find out how activists working on sexuality rights use the internet in their work, and what difficulties they face in using it freely and fully.

The global monitoring survey is part of APC’s EROTICS project, which aims to strengthen the capacity of advocates for sexual rights, women’s rights and gender equality to resist Internet content regulation through knowledge and skills building and advocacy.

To participate, please click on the link:

There are 25 questions in the survey and should take less than 20 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time and contribution to this important area of work.

Please note that the deadline for the survey is *8 April 2013*

For more information, please contact: Caroline Tagny( or Jac sm Kee (

More about the survey:


EROTICS: Exploratory Research on Sexuality and the Internet. The  first phase of EROTICS produced in-depth research with marginalised  sections of society in Brazil, Lebanon, India, South Africa and the USA, who use the internet in the exercise of their sexual rights. The groups  of participants have included young women, transgender communities and lesbian queer activists. You can download the resulting research findings here: .

The second phase of the project aims to build a network of internet and sexual rights advocates who are able to share expertise and collaboratively respond to internet content regulation. By enabling the growth of an online community of activists, we will be better prepared to meet and overcome the threats and impact of internet regulatory measures on the advancement of sexual rights.

To learn more on the background of this project click here:

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