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Drag show angers Cairns community

An indigenous LGBTI leader and a prominent transgender activist were angered by a “tasteless” and “racist” drag performance at the recent Out! Cairns New Year’s Eve party.\n

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20th January 2013 12:48

Alessia Valenza

Transgender activist Melody Moore was deeply offended after the performer threw a condom full of “white liquid” at her during the event at Buddha Bar.

The drag queen was also accused of being racist and misogynist, as the performer appeared in ‘black face’, imitating an overweight, drunk and dark-skinned indigenous/islander woman. The performer’s act included stumbling around acting drunk, brandishing a bottle of rum and constantly drinking from it whilst miming along to a song.

The act was performed to the song ‘Kookie Little Paradise’, a 1960’s song about living on a Caribbean/jungle island, a song choice that was said to be in very bad taste, along with the rest of the act.

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