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Diretório de organizações LGBTI e aliadas da ILGA



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Organização não-lucrativa dedicada aos direitos LGBTI
Fundado em 1996/12/15

Globe Membro da ILGA desde 2003


Endereço: Via Don Minzoni 18
Bologna 40121
Phone: 0039.051.6492684
Fax: 0039.051.6492684
Website:    http://www.arcilesbica.it 


Contato: Helen Ibry


Trabalha em :
  • Nível Local
  • Nível Nacional
Trabalha para a comunidade :
  • Lésbica
  • Bissexual

Arts, culture, history and pride

Performing arts
Visual arts
Pride/Action events
International Day Against Homophobia
Women’s day

Asylum and immigration

Binational couples
LGBTI migrants
Migrating as a married or partnered couple
Seeking asylum on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity

LGBTI Education/Awareness

At the work place
Promoting LGBTI rights as Human rights
Raising awareness through mass media
Teaching LGBT rights in schools
Working against transphobia

LGBTI Families /Parenting

Donor insemination services and fertility treatments
Legal recognition of parental role of a non biological parent
LGBT families

Hate crime and violence prevention

Monitoring Hate crime
Monitoring violence at Pride events


Breast and uterus cancer
Prevention for women having sex with women
Peer to peer support
Phone counseling
Prevention for women having sex with women
Sexual and reproductive health
Public health

Laws and leadership

Gender identity
Changing gender on official documents
Changing name on official documents
Anti discrimination law (gender identity) in employment
Anti discrimination law (gender identity) in social services
Sex re-assignment treatment and/or surgery
Human rights
Governmental leadership
LGBTI movement (community organizing & leadership)
Laws and human rights
Situation assessments
Sexual orientation
Anti discrimination law (sexual orientation) in employment
Anti discrimination law (sexual orientation) in social services

Religion & social institutions

Gender identity
Armed forces
Gay or lesbian (ability to serve)
Marriage / civil unions
Marriage/Substitutes for marriage
Marriage/Substitutes for marriage & immigration
Partnership (recognition)
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