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Komunitas Sehati Makassar

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Une organisation dévouée aux droits des personnes LGBTI
Fondé en 2007/07/15

Globe Membre d’ILGA depuis 2013


Adresse: Jl. Tidung IX No.76
Makassar 90222
Téléphone: +62411867370


Contact: Komunitas Sehati Makassar


Travaille au plan :
  • Local
  • National
Travaille pour la communauté :
  • Gay
  • Lesbienne
  • Bisexuelle
  • Trans

Arts, culture, history and pride

Performing arts
Use of media and the internet
International Day Against Homophobia
Trans day
Women’s day

LGBTI Education/Awareness

Promoting LGBTI rights as Human rights
Raising awareness through mass media
Teaching LGBT rights in schools
Working against transphobia

Laws and leadership

Gender identity
Institutional spaces for alternate sexualities and gender identities
Anti discrimination law (gender identity) in social services
Human rights
Freedom of expression
Freedom of association
Legal Advocacy
Laws and human rights
Yogyarkarta Principles
Sexual orientation

Religion & social institutions

Gender identity
Gay or lesbian (ability to serve)
Homosexuality and Islam
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