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OII (Organization Intersex International) Scandinavia

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An organization devoted to LGBTI rights
Founded in 2011/07/26

Globe Member of ILGA since 2012


Address: Varbergagatan 192
Örebro 70352
Phone: +4619335203


Contact: Del LaGrace Volcano


Works on :
  • Local level
  • National level
  • International level
Works for :
  • Intersex community

Arts, culture, history and pride

Performing arts
Use of media and the internet
Visual arts

LGBTI Education/Awareness

Raising awareness through mass media
Teaching LGBT rights in schools

LGBTI Families /Parenting

Donor insemination services and fertility treatments
Legal recognition of parental role of a non biological parent
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Organization Intersex International Scandinavia is affiliated with OII International and a member of OII Europe. Our first objective is to create a cohesive network of intersex activists in Scandinavia who will work to increase intersex awareness and visibility in Scandinavia. Our primary focus in the short term will be to acquire members (which will consist primarily but not wholly of people with intersex variations). In the long term we intend to increase visibility on multiple levels; from kindergarten to university and graduate level education, in the mainstream media, peer support groups and to make positive and productive interventions with the medical establishment that will lead to ending non medically necessary surgeries on infants to make their bodies conform to current anatomical standards.