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Feminist Atölye

No Logo
An organization devoted to LGBTI rights
Founded in 2008/01/01

Globe Member of ILGA since 2012


Address: Kizilay Street (Sosyal Riskleri Onleme Vakfi) 1
Nicosia 922005
Website:    http://www.feministatolye.org 


Works on :
  • National level
Works for :
  • Gay community
  • Lesbian community
  • Bisexual community
  • Trans community
  • Intersex community

Arts, culture, history and pride

Use of media and the internet
Visual arts
Ethnic / racial identity & affiliation
Pride/Action events
International Day Against Homophobia
Trans day
Women’s day
Workers’ day

Asylum and immigration

LGBTI migrants
Seeking asylum on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity

LGBTI Education/Awareness

At the work place
Promoting LGBTI rights as Human rights
Raising awareness through mass media
Teaching LGBT rights in schools


World AIDS Day

Laws and leadership

Gender identity
Anti discrimination law (gender identity) in employment
Anti discrimination law (gender identity) in social services
Human rights
Freedom of expression
Freedom of association
Global human rights agreements
LGBTI movement (community organizing & leadership)
Laws and human rights
Yogyarkarta Principles
Sexual orientation
Illegality of male to male relationships
Men in jail or punished for same sex activity
Anti discrimination law (sexual orientation) in employment
Anti discrimination law (sexual orientation) in social services
Punishment for male to male relationships
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Feminist Atölye (Feminist Workshop – FEMA) is an activist group that struggles for the elimination of all forms of discriminatin against individuals who are being oppressed, exploitated, considered as other or secondary by the patriarchal system due to their gender, gender expression, sexual orientation or gender identity. Standing against the stereotypical belief, FEMA defines the struggle for gender equality as, in fact, a struggle for democracy. Fema is also against the patriarchal structures that marginalise women and LGBTQ people by internalisation or oppression. Moving with a perspective that does not consider the differences as a tool for oppression and domination, Feminist Atölye struggles for the liberation of women and LGBTQ people, while, setting its goal as to bring freedom to humanity.