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Equal India Alliance

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An organization devoted to LGBTI rights
Founded in 2010

Globe Member of ILGA since 2012


Address: Delhi
Delhi 110001
Website:    http://www.equalindiaalliance.org/ 


Contact: Tushar M


Works on :
  • National level
Works for :
  • Gay community
  • Lesbian community
  • Bisexual community
  • Trans community
  • Intersex community

Arts, culture, history and pride

Performing arts
Use of media and the internet
Pride/Action events

LGBTI Education/Awareness

At the work place
Promoting LGBTI rights as Human rights
Raising awareness through mass media
Teaching LGBT rights in schools
Working against transphobia


Peer to peer support

Laws and leadership

Institutional spaces for alternate sexualities and gender identities
Anti discrimination law (gender identity) in employment
Freedom of expression
LGBTI movement (community organizing & leadership)
Anti discrimination law (sexual orientation) in employment
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INTRODUCTION TO EQUAL INDIA AND QUEERCAMPUS Equal India Alliance is a non-profit organisation which aims to build welcoming environments for India's LGBT community, principally at colleges and in the workplace. As catalysts to accelerate the pace of social change, we're helping to bring acceptance and support out into the open. QueerCampus (or Qc as we call it now) was started in summer 2010. QueerCampus is a Delhi based independent queer student and youth collective active since 2010. We provide a comfortable space to meet new people, discuss everything and anything from coming out to breaking-up, the latest queer film to plans of changing the World or offer a shoulder to cry on and friends to celebrate with! QC organizes events which are free and open to all. The Equal India Alliance is now solely responsible for setting up more Qc centers in other cities. Apart from Delhi, we now have Qc Pune, and Qc Mumbai and Qc Bangalore are starting up in the end of October. OUR WORK The Equal India Alliance goes out and forth into institutions (campuses and workplaces) to have proper open events which are tailor made according to the situations prevalent at the institutions. We are also soon going to diversify our outreach to schools through new tieups with allies working at schools. Equal India Campus programs include workshops, seminars, discussions, movie screenings, or even (at a later stage) support and resource centers. These events can be targeted towards students as well as teachers. The initiation of a dialogue on LGBT issues is our prime motive, and for institutes which are more conducive, we aim to establish full fledged Equal India resource centers by involving volunteers from there itself and equipping them with the right kind of skill set needed. At the workplace, we aim to initiate conversation about LGBT rights and issues, trying to instigate a sense of educated discussion among employees as well as employers. This can be in the form of events like formal dinners, talks, conferences (intra and inter company or even country), and hands-on workshops to promote awareness about LGBT issues. Furthermore, the presence of an inter company network also promotes sharing of ideas, and that can be easily facilitated by us. At Equal India Alliance, we understand that there are already a lot of organisations working for LGBT rights and issues, all of them adept in their own domains. Instead of trying to replicate and form a new branch of Equal India in a city or campus or workplace, we tieup with existing bodies functioning at that particular location, hence increasing our circle of allies. The Equal India Alliance, as the name suggests, is an alliance of organisations, networks, support groups, NGOs, and standalone programs which have been working in this area in addition to our own programs. Equal India aims to bring together and structure an LGBT movement which is pan-India and aims at facilitating communciation, exchange, and interaction between all our allies. QueerCampus is a safe space collective and support group. We have fortnightly meetings which include movie screenings, guest speakers, open discussions, open mic events, and are very open to all kinds of people, many of whom may not even be comfortable with their sexuality yet, hence the term 'safe-space'. Exerting discretion is of prime importance. Qc is meant to be used by people who might not be totally okay with being involved with LGBT issues in the open, or are searching for answers and want to keep their lives private. Yes the comfort level grows and we have many more openly out people who are part of Qc today, but it all starts right there. We target to have one Qc center per city. HOW For any kind of an initiative (QueerCampus, Equal India campus/workplace program), we need a person in-charge. For Qc, this can be any youngster who is studying/just graduated (since they can associate with campus issues) and are willing to help facilitate a fortnightly QueerCampus meeting, and are also knowledgeable about Queer issues, and comfortable with their sexuality (LGBT or straight). They also need to be understanding and receptive to the needs of the youth that come to the meeting, and not have any sort of biased approach. As for Equal India programs, we need a person who is working at the intended workplace or is a student in the institute we target. When it comes to a standalone organisation or NGO that we tieup with, we need a SPOC (single point of contact). This is extremely important for 3 reasons - To establish a point of contact - To understand the dynamics of an institute (an insider is needed) - To help propagate the program and involve further volunteers