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Russian Federation

Rakurs - Arkhangelsk regional non-governmental LGBT organization

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An organization devoted to LGBTI rights
Founded in 2007

Globe Member of ILGA since 2012


Address: Lenin square, 4, office 810
Arkhangelsk 163000
Russian Federation
Phone: +79522535474
Fax: kluienkov3110@gmail.com
Website:    http://www.rakurs.ucoz.com 


Contact: Oleg Klyuenkov


Works on :
  • Local level
  • International level
Works for :
  • Gay community
  • Lesbian community
  • Bisexual community
  • Trans community

Arts, culture, history and pride

International Day Against Homophobia
Trans day

LGBTI Education/Awareness

At the work place
Raising awareness through mass media


Prevention for men having sex with men
World AIDS Day

Laws and leadership

Gender identity
LGBTI movement (community organizing & leadership)
Legal Advocacy
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The Arkhangelsk regional non-governmental organization of assistance to women "Rakurs" has been based in 2007 (date of the state registration is 10/4/2007) and is the first feministic non-commercial organization which advances human rights for women and the rights of sexual and gender minorities in the Archangelsk region. In 2010 “Rakurs” was renamed into Arkhangelsk non-governmental organization of social-psychological and legal assistance to lesbians, gay man, bisexual and transgender persons. "Rakurs" is the democratic organization based on membership. The continuing governing body is the elective collegial body – Administrative Board. Our activities: - Legal assistance and psychological aid for LGBT-community; - Education and improving the public awareness on LGBT issues; - Advocacy work; - Monitoring of human rights violations on grounds sexual orientation and gender identity; - HIV/AIDS and STD prevention; - Promoting healthy life-style inside LGBT-community; - Cultural events; - Parent`s club.