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Male Attitude Network

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An organization devoted to LGBTI rights
Founded in 2006/10/06

Globe Member of ILGA since 2009


Address: Jaba Close (CSO House), Area 11 - Garki #4
Abuja 90001
Phone: +234 702-324-0723
Website:    http://www.maleattitudenetwork.com 


Contact: Oliver Anene


Works on :
  • Local level
  • National level
Works for :
  • Gay community
  • Bisexual community
  • Trans community
  • Intersex community

Arts, culture, history and pride

Use of media and the internet
International Day Against Homophobia

Asylum and immigration

Seeking asylum on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity

LGBTI Education/Awareness

Raising awareness through mass media


Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use
Peer to peer support
Phone counseling
Anti retroviral drugs
On site HIV/AIDS testing
Prevention for men having sex with men
World AIDS Day
Sexual and reproductive health
Mental health
Public health

Laws and leadership

Gender identity
Anti discrimination law (gender identity) in social services
Global human rights agreements
LGBTI movement (community organizing & leadership)
The United Nations
Yogyarkarta Principles
Sexual orientation
Illegality of male to male relationships
Anti discrimination law (sexual orientation) in social services
Punishment for male to male relationships
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The Male Attitude Network (MAN) was founded in 2006 to provide psycho-social care and support to men who have high risk of HIV infection; empower them with adequate knowledge on reproductive and sexual health and rights issues and advocate for new prevention strategies to further control the spread of HIV among the general population in Nigeria. The empowerment takes into cognizance the social, economic, religious, and political challenges associated with sexuality and sexual health, especially as it relates to men and HIV. By promoting access to reliable, up-to-date treatment and care, both directly and indirectly, through community and individual intermediaries, MAN helps to enable men make informed choices about their health, to optimize their qualities and quality of life, to control the progression of HIV and other opportunist infections, and reduce the impact of side effects. MAN is a network of Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and male Intravenous Drug Users (IDUs) in Nigeria, constituted by a group of trained counselors and legal practitioners with the aim of promoting access to a non-discriminatory health delivery system in Nigeria. Through consultations, MAN started as a support group for MSM and IDUs in Calabar - Nigeria to share experiences and address issues affecting their rights and well-being, in realisation of the importance of involving young people in planning, implementing and evaluating programmes aimed at addressing their concerns. Over the years, MAN has established functional and viable networks and representations at international, national and community levels in furtherance of her vision, mission and objectives. A Constitution was developed and adopted by the founding delegate’s assembly, who also elected the Coordinator. A Board of 5 trustees was constituted and achieving legal status is ongoing with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria, under the new name INITIATIVE FOR IMPROVED MALE HEALTH. IMH-Initiative’s Vision: To see a Nigeria where every male citizen will have hassle free access to quality health care, free from all forms of stigma and discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender stereotypes, or HIV status. IMH-Initiative’s Mission: To lead the effort of mitigating the physical, psychosocial and economic impact of HIV and AIDS among Most At Risk Men (MARMs), and other men affected by HIV and AIDS through information sharing, education, advocacy, capacity building, economic and psychosocial empowerment.