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Movimiento Antidiscriminatorio de Liberación

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An organization devoted to LGBTI rights
Founded in 2001

Globe Member of ILGA since 2008


Address: Lopez May 2353
Laferrere 1757
Phone: 54 011 46260695
Website:    http://grupomal.blogspot.com/ 


Contact: Diana Sacayan


Works on :
  • Local level
  • National level
Works for :
  • Gay community
  • Lesbian community
  • Bisexual community
  • Trans community
  • Intersex community

Laws and leadership

Gender identity
Changing gender on official documents
Changing name on official documents
Individuals in jail or punished for being transgender
Institutional spaces for alternate sexualities and gender identities
Anti discrimination law (gender identity) in employment
Anti discrimination law (gender identity) in social services
Transgenderism classified as an illness
Human rights
Freedom of expression
Governmental leadership
Regional human rights agreements
Anti discrimination law (sexual orientation) in social services
Punishment for female to female relationships
Punishment for male to male relationships
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