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South Africa

Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church

No Logo
An organization devoted to LGBTI rights
Founded in 1983/01/01

Globe Member of ILGA since 2008


Address: Zonnebloem College Chapel
7925 Zonnebloem
South Africa
Website:    http://www.goodhopemcc.org 


Works on :
  • Local level
  • National level
  • International level
Works for :
  • Gay community
  • Lesbian community
  • Bisexual community
  • Trans community
  • Intersex community

Arts, culture, history and pride

Use of media and the internet
Ethnic / racial identity & affiliation
Pride/Action events
International Day Against Homophobia
Trans day
Women’s day

LGBTI Education/Awareness

Raising awareness through mass media



Laws and leadership

Gender identity
Changing gender on official documents
Changing name on official documents
Sex re-assignment treatment and/or surgery
Human rights
Freedom of expression
Freedom of association
Global human rights agreements
Governmental leadership
LGBTI movement (community organizing & leadership)
Regional human rights agreements
Laws and human rights
Yogyarkarta Principles
Sexual orientation

Religion & social institutions

Gender identity
Gay or lesbian (ability to serve)
Trans individuals (ability to serve)
Marriage / civil unions
Marriage/Substitutes for marriage
Marriage/Substitutes for marriage & immigration
Partnership (recognition)
Homosexuality and Christianity
Homosexuality within a religious/ ethical framework
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