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Danielle’s story: The Life of a Transsexual in Singapore

Danielle knew she was different from a very young age and constantly questioned her mother on why she “could not play with Barbie dolls as a boy” and why she had to follow certain gender norms even as a child. Her mum would aggressively dismiss her doubts and told her that she should just “act as a boy”.  Even though she was just a child, Danielle already knew she was different inside – she believed that her “mind and gender were always in conflict” and that she could not understand why.\n

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8th February 2014 10:29

Alessia Valenza

As she grew older, Danielle entered adolescence with much confusion and had to withstand mistreatment from her family. Around the age of 17, she confessed that she had a boyfriend and this made her father furious. He was so upset that he immediately kicked her out of the house, telling her that she was never allowed back home.

Danielle lived under the wrath of her abusive family for the following years. As her parents were completely against her being a transsexual, they often got angry with her and started to be violent towards her. Her family abused her both verbally and physically whilst she stayed at home and she was thoroughly unhappy there.

When Danielle confessed about her future plans to go for a sex change operation, her parents immediately kicked her out of her home once again, leaving her no choice but to stay at the airport.

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