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CPCCS Shower Transexual in Super Mayor of Communication

Transgender activist for the rights of LGBTI populations Diane Rodriguez, has been postulated as seer for Public Oversight (CPCCS) Council of citizen participation and social control of Ecuador, to appoint the Superintendent of Information and Communication.

Avatar of Alessia Valenza

9th July 2013 10:39

Alessia Valenza

In their statements indicated activist the importance of the participation of all sectors of the Ecuadorian population: “We must ensure that the process to appoint the person with all possible biases,” said activist and president of the Association Silueta X.

Rodriguez presented his candidacy seer, the July 2, 2013, a day after the public announcement and indicated the seal of receipt of the document by the CPCCS. His candidacy has the support of GLBTI Observatory of Ecuador: “We support the candidacy of such a distinguished citizen,” says the document.

The July 26, 2013 will know the results of those who were selected for the aforementioned oversight.