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Christians May Rise Against Legislators, If Gay Rights Bill Is Introduced

A Baptist clergyman has warned that any attempt to introduce a bill seeking to legalize same-sex marriage in Liberia by legislators will be met with stiff resistance from the Christian community.

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1st February 2012 07:11

Alessia Valenza

Rev. William Vambram has called on Christians from all walks of the Liberian society to begin gearing up for a major protest march as soon as such bill lands on the floor of the Legislature.

It may be recalled that Government recently announced that any bill seeking to push for gay rights will not be penned by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. However, the church fears that the bill might find its way through the system.

In his sermon last Sunday, Rev. Vambram said the West is using aid to Africa as the basis to push for the legalization of gay rights in Africa. “Money plays on the mind of anyone. The West is willing to use aid to convince lawmakers in passing such bill,” he said.

According to Rev. Vambram, “this issue needs serious attention, must never be taken for granted and must be carefully observed.”

He is, however, worried that “some churches may as well be tempted and used to endorse the passage of a gay rights bill into law in our society.”

“There are people who will not like to hear the truth, and these people are in churches and want the world to be in the church. God’s truth is not relative but reflects on all, regardless of whether one is a Christian or not,” he noted.

He said the Bible teaches “That man who lies with another man as done with a woman, with an animal, or woman with another woman, is committing abomination and both parties deserve death.”

He asserted that “If this act is allowed to be legislated in Liberia, it will bring God’s vengeance upon the country and will lead us in another long suffering,”he warned.

Rev. Vambram indicated that the act of homosexuality and lesbianism are against nature, “regardless of Biblical instructions.” “Therefore, Liberian Christians should not sit to see it infiltrating our society through legislative means.

He observed that if the act is legislated and adopted, children by gay couples, because of their incapacity to bear offspring, would lead these children into the same act and the society will be changed entirely.

Rev. Vambram noted that Christians are also citizens of Liberia and have equal rights to participate in the democratic process. “You must not sit to see the society going astray,” he insisted.

“If gay rights are legislated, what will happen to drug addicts, thieves, and murderers? These are sins and crimes just as homosexuality is considered a crime in our society. They, too, will have the right to ask for legislation of their rights,” Rev. Vambram stressed.

The Baptist clergyman told the congregation to be vigilant and sensitive to issues that will arise in the Legislature so that in case any bill supporting gay rights gets introduced, “we will know and we will march to the capitol to pressurize legislators to trash it.”