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China AIDS Walk Launches its Promotional Campaign

China AIDS Walk, a large-scale public welfare project jointly organized by the China Population Welfare Foundation, the Beijing Gender Health Education Institute and the China Alliance of People Living with HIV/AIDS, starts its promotional campaign.

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13th December 2011 07:38

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

China AIDS Walk encourages every member of society to step up and take part in spreading awareness & understanding about HIV/AIDS and helping out those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Everybody is invited to participate in an epic one-day hiking event on the Great Wall and an all-out fundraising drive preceding the hike. The funds raised will benefit people living with HIV/AIDS & anti-discrimination initiatives all over China.

Throughout the fundraising drive and the hiking event, we will guide participants in reaching out to their family, friends and colleagues with accurate information about HIV/AIDS and the supported projects. We trust that their energetic contributions will result in a snowballing awareness  campaign which will benefit ever-increasing numbers of Chinese (and foreign) people.

China AIDS Walk participants are not only helping others – they also help themselves. The participants will gain personal fundraising skills, which will be sharpened by trainings & awards organized by China AIDS Walk. Moreover, they will be able to connect with scores of like-minded people along their China AIDS Walk path, and gain a wealth of memories and positive experiences.

China AIDS Walk will provide an onl ine fundraising mechanism which allows all participants to supervise the funds they raised and to monitor the funds allocation. This both enhances the participatory nature of the event and ensures its trustworthy nature. 

China AIDS Walk is an annual event, which will take its participants all over the Great Wall. We start in 2012 in Beijing, hoping to make our way across the country during the coming years and to gain support along the way.

China AIDS Walk receives the support of a multitude of social organizations working on HIV/AIDS issues, including the China HIV/AIDS Information Network, Ark of Love and the AIDS Lifecycle.

China AIDS Walk Schedule:

1 December 2011: China AIDS Walk Promotional Website Launch

Volunteer Mobilization

13 May 2012: China AIDS Walk Official Launch – Press Conference

May – October 2012: Mobilization (Media, Schools, Communities,.)

Fundraising Drive

Participant Training & Workshops

13 October 2012: Hiking Event on the Great Wall