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Census becomes trans-inclusive

Statistics New Zealand honors the gender identity of transgender people

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28th July 2010 19:51

Alessia Valenza

A trans group is welcoming a move giving transgender people the right to tick the box in Census forms which reflects the sex they actually are.

Statistics New Zealand has completed its review into the Statistical Standard for Sex and released the following new guidelines:

“In responding to a question on sex, most people are able to classify themselves as either male or female. A person who has undergone sex reassignment should be classified to that sex. A person who was of indeterminate sex and who has undergone sex assignment should be classified to that sex. Someone who is currently undergoing such procedures and living as the sex that they are taking steps towards would be classified as that sex.”

Previously guidelines required trans people to record the sex they were born as, unless they had a Family Court "declaration as to sex" and a new birth certificate reflecting the new gender.

Allyson Hamblett from TransAdvocates is welcoming the move, saying it basically allows trans people to be classified as the sex they are.

"It’s great to be able to tick female on Census forms now, without the feeling of going against Statistics New Zealand policy."

Hamblett is expressing thanks to Statistics New Zealand for dealing with the issue promptly.