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Caribbean: Censorship in Barbados

Black Swan banned in Barbados due to excessive sex/violence. The only other country to have banned the film is Dubai. Elsewhere it runs as R-rated, casting off any pretense as anything other than a film for adults. It is not an adult film. It is not pornography.

Avatar of Alessia Valenza

21st February 2011 20:40

Alessia Valenza


Interesting. Given that, as has been noted by many, the SAW films have run freely in Barbados, violence is not the problem here. And neither is sex, given the overtones of those films. What would the torture porn be without sex? And one noteworthy scene aside, [SPOILER ALERT!] there is not much actual sex in Black Swan. Sorry.

It seems quite obvious to me that homosexual content is the point of contention here. I cannot see what else there is to offend. If that is the case, and especially given that Brokeback Mountain played in Barbados, there is some serious mental confusion at work. Black Swan features a layer of homosexuality, yes, but it neither a central theme nor is it one that is stressed. It is almost incidental, and symptomatic to the larger picture of the title character. Questions of morality, prejudice and homophobia aside, Black Swan is severely misunderstood if this really is the basis for a ban.