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Cameroon: Three alleged homosexuals arrested

Two gay rights Ngo's publish a press release to protest against three new cases of arrestations based on homosexuality.

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26th April 2011 00:39

Alessia Valenza

Press Release

The organizations Alternatives-Cameroon and ADEFHO were informed of the arrest of three alleged homosexuals by the police from the 8th district of the city of Douala.

During the day of 17 April 2011, Mr. Abubakar Silliki and Yannick Mbezele met at village a neighborhood of Douala to solve a problem of money between them. They were joined by two of their friends, named: Nelle and Cedric Pascal Ytembeng. The two friends were unable to agree, and went to the local police station for police mediation.

Once in the police station, Mr. Yannick Mbezele said to the officers that Mr. Abubakar Siliki promised him an amount of 30 000 CFA after having sex. Thus, the two were arrested and put in jail for the crime of homosexuality. Worried that his two friends did not return from the police station, Mr. Ytembeng Pascal went there to learn more. The latter has also been imprisoned on the basis of its deemed very feminine identity.

After two days of police custody during which the preliminary inquiry was held, the three young boys were taken to the Prosecutor of the Ndokoti Court (Douala-Cameroon). Alerted by Alternatives Cameroun, Alice Nkom, Lawyer and President of ADEFHO was eager to make contact with the judicial authorities of the Court of Ndokoti. After having developed a number of arguments from the Cameroonian Penal Code and convinced of the illegality of their arrest, the prosecutor was willing to release them, nevertheless decided to continue procedure . So they will appear in the Court of Ndokoti for a trial of homosexuality and complicity of homosexuality
(Mr. Ytembeng is considered an accomplice of the couple).

The Organizations Alternatives-Cameroon and ADEFHO:

– Protest against all arrests on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

– Protest against the use of Article 347 Bis of the Cameroonian penal code which is applied arbitrarily to the detriment of Cameroonians citizens.

– Call the police authorities of Cameroon to stop such arrests.

– Call again the Cameroonian government to decriminalize same-sex relationships between consenting adults.