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Cameroon: kick against homosexuality

Being gay in Cameroon is a crime punishable by law. This legislation seems supported by a majority of citizens. Therefore, there are voices to just blame every time we mentioned a possible recognition of their rights. Nevertheless, the fight for homosexual cause continues ...

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30th March 2012 10:47

Alessia Valenza

The mere mention of a seminar held in Yaounde in the coming days by a group of homosexuals has raised the ire of the Rally of the Cameroonian Youth (RCJ). This association, which condemns homosexuality, immediately seized the Director of the Judicial Police and the Special Commissioner of the police station to denounce Nkoldongo this meeting. In addition, the RCJ announced it will engage youth on Tuesday at the Yaounde Mansel Hotel "against the scourge of crime that homosexual is condemned by our law," wrote the Secretary General of the movement.

The government and the Church in the coup

This outcry is far from an isolated case. In early 2011, the European Union had pledged to the tune of 200 million CFA francs (305,000 euros) for funding a project called for assistance and guidance to homosexuals. Three associations involved in the defense of gay rights Sidado namely, the Adefho and the Collective of Families of homosexual children were the beneficiaries. This had immediately raised the ire of many organizations and media men who had condemned the attempt of the European Union want to contribute to the legalization of homosexuality in Cameroon.

Andre Eyebe Ayissi, then Minister of External Relations of Cameroon, the Portuguese had called Raul Mateus Paula, Head of Delegation of the European Union in Cameroon, to signify disapproval of his government against the financing of these associations and ask him to "take act of the sensitivity of this issue and to draw all the consequences. " The bishops of Cameroon had said the same sense in condemning the practice of homosexuality and calling Christians to turn away from these practices.

In Cameroon, the penal code condemns homosexuality. Article 347 bis "punished by imprisonment of six months to five years and a fine of 20 000 to 200 000 CFA francs anyone who has sex with a person of her sex." Many homosexuals or suspected of being are now incarcerated in Cameroon. According associations, 200 people are arrested each year.

100 000 signatures

These massed fire is not discouraged provided the defenders of gay rights. They receive more support from the international community condemning this provision of the law in Cameroon and advocates for the decriminalization of homosexuality. Alice N’kom master, a lawyer active in the defense of gay rights and President of the Adefho, had launched a campaign to collect 100,000 signatures to reverse the trend and recognizing gay rights. The signatures have been collected but certainly homosexuality remains a crime in Cameroon.