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Burmese human rights group releases IDAHO poster

The Human Rights Education Institute of Burma have released a poster for the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) on 17 May.\n

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15th May 2012 10:12

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

In previous years the NGO, known by its acronym HREIB, has celebrated IDAHO with displaced the Burmese LGBT community in Thailand. But this year, since the oppressive military-backed government began making steps towards democracy in 2010, HREIB have decided to hold IDAHO events in eight cities in Burma, including the capital Rangoon.

Across the top, the poster reads ‘Homosexuality is not a sickness, but homophobia is’ referring to the fact that IDAHO celebrates the day when the World Health Organisation took homosexuality off its list of mental disorders, 17 May 1991.  The models on the poster are all gay, transgender or transsexual. In March, Gay Star News interviewed Knoo Know Lahkang, HREIB’s LGBT program director and producer of Colors Rainbow TV, about the dawning of a new age in Burma and the hopeful future it presents for equal rights for all.