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Brazil has at least 60 thousand gay and lesbian couples, reveals 2010 Census

Toni Reis, president of the national LGBT association ‘ABGLT’, was agreeably surprised by the number. “We expected the figure to be lower than this. In a heternormative society many gay and lesbian people prefer not to reveal this sort of information for fear of discrimination,” he said.

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1st May 2011 23:09

Alessia Valenza


The results of Brazil’s most recent (2010) national ten-year census have been published today (29/04) by Brazilian the government’s official Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

For the first time, the census contained a question asking if those interviewed formed a same sex couple. Nationwide, 60 thousand gay and lesbian couples confirmed their status.

During the census, ABGLT ran an internet campaign encouraging gay and lesbian couples to declare their status:


 Given that Brazil’s population is now 190.7 million, according to the census, Reis added that in his opinion “this is just the tip of the iceberg. Without a doubt, the number will be much higher in the next census in ten years’ time, as LGBT people become more open.”

 The information provided by the census on same sex couples is seen by the LGBT community as essential for pushing forward affirmative public policies for LGBT people and for bringing influence to bear on the Judiciary and National Congress to approve legislation recognizing same sex civil marriage and ensuring equal rights for the LGBT population.

 Reis also stated that ABGLT wants the next census to also include a question on sexual orientation so that there will finally be official statistics estimating the size of Brazil’s LGBT population and serving to orient public policies.

 Principal 2010 census information available at