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Boy made transgender, court books 13

Kidnapped as a boy and transformed into a transgender, he was compelled to walk the first steps of adulthood as a prostitute. Brutalised and battered for three years, he sought justice and a city court on Friday framed charges against 13 accused. \n

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28th March 2014 03:54

Alessia Valenza

On July 19, 2006, Selvam (name changed), 16, was kidnapped from Kovalam in Kancheepuram district by Arasi, a transgender and handed over to Suba of Ramapuram, Chennai. Suba confined him in the house of another transgender Radha who locked him up for a month.

She then took Selvam to Pune where he was taught to dress like a transgender and forced to beg in the streets of Pune. He earned around 400 daily, but Shanthi, the transgender who took him under her wing, took his monthly earnings and gave Selvam a bare minimum for food and clothes.

He was then taken to the house of Kuttima and forced to sign a document agreeing to a sex-change operation. The ‘surgery’ was done in Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh on November 27, 2007.

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