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Belize: UNIBAM President says homosexual rights are basic human rights

Earlier we told you that the churches view the claim on gay rights brought against the attorney general by UNIBAM as an attack on the moral fiber of the nation. According to the UNIBAM executive president, however, the lawsuit is simply a means by which homosexuals are standing up for their basic human rights through advocacy at the Supreme Court Level. If you haven’t made up your mind on the issue, Caleb Orosco defended his case in the next lines.

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9th June 2011 16:01

Alessia Valenza

Source: News5

Caleb Orosco, Executive President, UNIBAM

“Our case isn’t unique in terms of what we’re trying to do. We’re using a democratic tool. The tool is the Supreme Court and the use of the Constitution. We are not unique in terms of bringing constitutional challenges. There are other groups which have done that and have used the court to for finding redress so our case is not unique in that regard. Beyond them politicizing the sexual rights of individuals that they know nothing about really is a dirty. What it means is that gay people or gay men in particular, bisexual men in particular have stood up for basic human rights. What is means is that this case will and have generated a discussion on the basic consciousness of every individual in this country. How would you treat your own blood if they were gay?”