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Back to the Past

Transgender activist Laxmi Tripathi talks about a painful childhood and her recent fame in the book, Mee Hijra, Mee Laxmi\n

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18th November 2012 00:48

Alessia Valenza

She sits in front of a mirror, careful not to disturb the folds of her sari. Keeping her eyes fixed on her image, she picks up a maroon lipstick and applies it generously on her mouth. She twists her hair into a bun and adds a gajra made of fresh jasmines. Taking a last look at herself, Laxmi Tripathi, a Mumbai-based eunuch, says that she is now ready to share her journey.

Tripathi, now a well-known face on television due to her stint on reality show Bigg Boss, has recently released her biography, Mee Hijra, Mee Laxmi (Manovikas, Rs 200). Written by journalist Vaishali Rode over two-and-a-half years, the book recounts Tripathi’s story — from her childhood to her current phase in life.

Written in Marathi, the book will be published in Hindi in the next few months. “We are looking for someone who will translate the book into English as well. We want the book to be read by as many people as possible,” says Tripathi.

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