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Australia Gets LGBT Political Party

A new player has entered the political scene in Australia as the Australian Equality Party fights for equal rights for all the nation’s citizens.

Avatar of Alessia Valenza

15th February 2014 11:39

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Oceania

The Australian Equality Party (AEP) affirms the fundamental dignity of all Australians regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and seeks to advance their basic human rights.

The AEP aims to bring a compassionate and explicitly human rights based perspective to Australian politics. The AEP believes in the power of education and awareness-raising to effect change in community understanding and attitudes in regard to the GLBTIQ community. The founding members of the Australian Equality Party believe in the capacity of every individual to create change in the world. When individuals come together with a common goal our capacity to effect that change is enormous; this is why we are establishing the Australian Equality Party.

Many of us in the GLBTIQ community – and our friends and families – want to see change. We may want that change for ourselves, for our families and children, or for the broader community. Importantly, we want the world to be a safer and kinder place for the young GLBTIQ people in our community.

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