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Anti Gay Hate in Malaysia Ignored By West

While we daily see headlines about the anti-gay hatred and homophobia in Russia and Africa, there is rarely a mention of the same situation in Malaysia.

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27th February 2014 07:14

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

Malaysia cleverly poses as a democratic, tourist friendly nation, and enjoys fairly good relations with most western nations, which choose to ignore the fact that the government of Malaysia has an ongoing policy of promoting hate against its LGBT citizens, and that it is one of the most corrupt and neopotistic nations in Asia.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has openly said in a number of speeches: “There is no place in Malaysia for LGBT”, and similar remarks have been made by other government ministers and religious leaders. Hatred of the LGBT community and the idea of gay sex is used as a political weapon.

LGBT are used as a smoke screen by the governing UMNO party to draw attention away from corruption and less than democratic activities in the country. UMNO have been in unbroken power in Malaysia since independence and control most aspects of society and media. Dissent can quickly lead to trumped up charges.

The Coalition of NGOs known as Comango, which submitted a damning report to the UN on the human rights situation in Malaysia, was quickly outlawed. After a local and international outcry, many weeks later the notice of the ban was removed from a government website but with no announcement one way or the other to say if the ban had actually been lifted, and Comango remain in a legal vacuum. Comnago included heavy criticism of the Malaysian government’s anti-gay policy, and of their medieval stance on women’s rights. The government claimed such rights are a threat the Islam, and that Comango were a threat to the country’s security.

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