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American Sociological Association calls out, obliterates anti-gay parenting study

The fact that President Obama is supporting efforts to overturn Prop 8 is a major deal, but the ASA denunciation of the Regnerus study is also a huge victory for the LGBT community. When religious right groups find a piece of information to use against the LGBT community, they tend to use it continuously. Thanks to the ASA, whenever they cite the Regnerus study, the LGBT community now have a huge caveat we can make use of.\n

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3rd March 2013 07:46

Alessia Valenza | ILGA North America

Obscured by the fact that the Obama Administration submitted a brief against Prop 8 is the brief the American Sociological Association submitted. This is a shame because I think in many ways, ASA’s brief can be seen as just as, if not, more significant.

ASA’s brief destroys claims made that same-sex households are inferior when it comes to raising children, which is a major argument for those pushing Prop 8. The

ASA especially calls out the Mark Regnerus study, which is the recent controversial study claiming children raised in same-sex households suffer adverse efffects. Supporters of Prop 8 made this study a huge part of their arguments in spite of fact that it has been discredited.

ASA said the following about the Regnerus study in its brief (pgs. 26-29):

First, the Regnerus study does not specifically examine children born or adopted into same-sex parent families, but instead examines children who, from the time they were born until they were 18 or moved out, had a parent who at any time had “a same-sex romantic relationship.” . As Regnerus noted, the majority of the individuals characterized by him as children of “lesbian mothers” and “gay fathers” were the offspring of failed opposite- sex unions whose parent subsequently had a same-sex relationship. In other words, Regnerus did not study or analyze the children of two same-sex parents.

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